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MA-nto (MA-ntle)

Collaboration with Andrea Kotliarsky porcelain paperclay, silk 2012 MA-nto is a project arisen from the co-operation between Cristina D'Alberto and Andrea Kotliarsky. It starts precisely from the real meaning of the word co-operation and gets to the meaning of the word “emulsion”, namely a mixture of two insoluble


“Presidente della Repubblica Price”, 57° Premio Faenza, MIC Museo Internazionale delle Ceramice, Faenza – Italy paperclay porcelain, pvc, trasparent liquid 50x50x17 cm 2010 Life is cyclical and nothing is exempt from the rate of generation and re-generation, death and re-birth. Letting the old go, we can make room for


1st Prize, International Competition “Generazione e Rigenerazione: tra Conoscenza, Razionalità e Fede”, Faenza, Italy porcelain paperclay white, porcelain paperclay black, plexiglass, golden cotton thread, nylon thread 102x14x10 cm 2011 Mankind is constantly in a state of tension between opposites. His persistent search-obligation to amplify his self understanding, to