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Artist statement

My interest has always been directed towards the phases of the life cycle, towards the time and care needed to “do things well”. But it has also been directed towards the question of containing, of being contained and of what containing means as a function intended to offer a reassuring emotive environment.

The flower is an important element with a strong presence in my work, where it becomes the emblem of life after a long sleep, the reawakening of new and decisive energy, the courage to follow the path of evolution. At the same time, it expresses boldness and vulnerability, the amazing strength of new birth and the beauty of continuity.

In this way, the flower becomes the cell of the shapes it contains, shapes vibrant with an energy empowered to nourish and protect. It becomes a word in a story, a stitch in an embroidery. It is colour when it expresses emotion, it is white in its full luminous potential. And it is precisely for its qualities of whiteness and purity, in fact, that porcelain is my chosen material.

I have been working as a ceramic artist for a long time, mainly using porcelain. Making jewelry for me means using new materials, working in small dimensions, but what I particularly like is that jewels are personal objects, intended for one person only. One day they will be part of the "Private Space" of people.