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Spazio Privato

porcelain, silver 925, silk, pearl Spazio Privato indicates a place that is not accessible to the public, an intimate dimension, protected from prying eyes and inaccessible to many. It can be a physical, emotional or mental place bounded by a boundary that cannot be crossed.

氷山 Hyōzan

porcelain, silver 925 This new collection is called, Hyōzan. In Japanese that means, iceberg. I was inspired by Haiku poetry, a short poem that conceals a sublime meaning that is difficult to grasp if one remains on the surface. The Iceberg shows only a small part above


Fiorenza Pancino, Andrea Kotliarsky, Cristina D’Alberto, Elvira Keller FACE is the acronym of Fiorenza, Andrea, Cristina and Elvira: four artists and eight hands who together have created a unique artwork made of a number of small elements. FACE stands for the ability to observe and communicate

7 Short Stories

Short Story - Red, Short Story - Green, Short Story - Yellow - Short Story - Blue, Short Story - White, Short Story - Mid Blue, Short Story - Violet porcelain paperclay, colours, nylon thread ø 9/11 cm, installation 80x11x11 cm 2016 "Go and let the stories, that is

In Punta di Dita
(Toes of fingers)

porcelain paperclay, paper, needles, cotton thread single element 30x30x7 cm installation 110x30x7 cm 2015 "Toes of the fingers" instinctively refers to the mind "Toe point": a deliberately silent procedure that does not want to attract attention. Likewise, Valsesian women, when, in the war, were inevitably abandoned by their men,

Piccole Ali
(Little Wings)

porcelain paperclay, textile, iron thread, nylon thread, golden cotton thread 40x28x20 cm 2012 The bud is the origin, the beginning, the premise of something that is meant to get riper and riper.Even in sprouts, there is a process of early adaptation to the type of environment in which