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Fiorenza Pancino, Andrea Kotliarsky, Cristina D’Alberto, Elvira Keller

FACE is the acronym of Fiorenza, Andrea, Cristina and Elvira: four artists and eight hands who together have created a unique artwork made of a number of small elements. FACE stands for the ability to observe and communicate with the people in front of us. It also means torch, from the Latin fax facis, that means to light up, emphasize and show. Each artist worked with their own style and the material that best suited them, infusing a part of themselves into each piece. Together these elements created a blanket, a macro theme that encompasses all stages of life, from birth to death. It is reminiscent of the Homeric thalamus, the place dedicated to love and passion, for meeting and sharing, the place where life is generated and where it often also ends. But it is also the space that protects and warms us up when we want to rest and regenerate and, above all, the place where we dream. The first impression is emotional, it arouses our intimacy evoking that smell of fresh laundry, of sheets hung out in the sun. Only when we come closer do we understand what the material it is made from: ceramic, and that makes it hard and heavy. The work as a whole gives a sense of wrapping yourself up, of comfort, it’s like a hug, but as you come closer and read what the artists have written and drawn on each element, you realize that there is a much deeper interpretation that encompasses the sensibility of these four artists.