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Spazio Privato

porcelain, silver 925, silk, pearl

Spazio Privato indicates a place that is not accessible to the public, an intimate dimension, protected from prying eyes and inaccessible to many. It can be a physical, emotional or mental place bounded by a boundary that cannot be crossed. The Spazio Privato jewelry collection is made entirely by hand. Porcelain creates a solid container, which protects the delicacy of the pearl inside. The silk wraps the pearl in a soft embrace, covering it internally or leaving it visible. Here you can keep all those thoughts, memories and emotions that need to preserve their brightness. In a world where the borderline between private space and public space is increasingly confused and rarefied, it is necessary to understand when the time is right and if it is necessary to open this space to the public. INVISIBLE is what you decide not to show.