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In Punta di Dita
(Toes of fingers)

porcelain paperclay, paper, needles, cotton thread

single element 30x30x7 cm

installation 110x30x7 cm


“Toes of the fingers” instinctively refers to the mind “Toe point”: a deliberately silent procedure that does not want to attract attention. Likewise, Valsesian women, when, in the war, were inevitably abandoned by their men, did the hard work needed to compensate for their absence. A way that recalls the feminine spirit in its essence, not aggressive, apparently docile but hides the great strength of resistance and perseverance.
The title recalls the parts of the body needed to be carried out, both of the work at the punch, and the work I present, performed with good eyes, toe of fingers. ”



ph: Raffaele Tassinari