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MA-nto (MA-ntle)

Collaboration with Andrea Kotliarsky

porcelain paperclay, silk


MA-nto is a project arisen from the co-operation between Cristina D’Alberto and Andrea Kotliarsky. It starts precisely from the real meaning of the word co-operation and gets to the meaning of the word “emulsion”, namely a mixture of two insoluble liquids, one of which is dispersed in the other as tiny drops. The idea of mixing and creating something else, while maintaining the former primary essence, has broght to the creation of a checkerboard pattern alternating two materials difficult to integrate, but very similar to each other. “Porcelain” is, in actual fact, in ceramics what the precious and bright silk is in fabrics.
The common goal has been to bring a deep feeling on the skin; and the MA-nto (that is the MA-ntle) has become a means through which create a tangible, concrete bridge between the interior and the exterior. The containment is the feeling that this communication gives: a soft and warm shake, supporting and not keeping tight, but defining net boundaries. Wearing the Ma-nto, therefore, you can directly experience this feeling of warm protection and welcome; from the first contact with the skin, it thus penetrates and nourishes from the inside.