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“Presidente della Repubblica Price”, 57° Premio Faenza, MIC Museo Internazionale delle Ceramice, Faenza – Italy

paperclay porcelain, pvc, trasparent liquid

50x50x17 cm


Life is cyclical and nothing is exempt from the rate of generation and re-generation, death and re-birth. Letting the old go, we can make room for the new. So, we effectively are always in the process of incubating new life.

In biology incubation indicates the process by which the embryo develops from the egg, which naturally takes place with special condition, treatment and protection. The pillow suggests a slow processing by the apparent inactivity. But if sleeping may denote unconsciousness, here it symbolizes the creation and renewal; so that sleeping itself is a sign of re-birth.

Water is the fundamental symbol of all the energy and it is the unconscious source of all the life; it is not a chance, in fact, that it wraps flowers as the amniotic fluid the foetus. Water, by interacting with the appearance of the pillow, acts as a distorting lens, as if it was meant to fool the eye of the beholder to protect the fragility and beauty of grace yet to come.