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1st Prize, International Competition “Generazione e Rigenerazione: tra Conoscenza, Razionalità e Fede”, Faenza, Italy

porcelain paperclay white, porcelain paperclay black, plexiglass, golden cotton thread, nylon thread

102x14x10 cm


Mankind is constantly in a state of tension between opposites. His persistent search-obligation to amplify his self understanding, to exist. In doing this he reaches out to his limits and realises the insignificance of his actions in respect to the universe.Parte’ represents a part of a whole, bringing to mind the idea that human life is nothing more than a small section cut out from a much vaster weave, which escapes us.The “fabric” in white porcelain counter posed against black shows two sides of the same thing, which extends horizontally. The golden thread creates a rapport between the opposing parts, representing, with an undulating and vertical movement the search for balance; harmoniously connecting the opposites in a real solution, free from conditioning, suspended, in “Part”

ph: Raffaele Tassinari