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Giocando sulle Ossa
(Playing on Bones)

wall panel composed of 45 sheets

porcelain paperclay, engobe, colours

single sheet 25x25x4 cm, panel 140x250x4 cm


The weaving in white porcelain, like a skin, gives a double master plan: on the one hand, a square lattice obtained from many flaps pushed together; and the other hand, bony reliefs, which make perceive something underground. The little flower, arising from real experience, reveals the majesty of its own feeble being, through its apparent young life innocence. There is an old saying quoting: “Ignorance is not knowing Anything and being attracted by the Good, whilst Innocence is knowing Everything and still being attracted by the Good”. A blooming that embraces all the colours of the rainbow allows the warmth of life to come through all beings and allows them to play again in grace, from scratch, on the bones of what is already past.



ph: Raffaele Tassinari