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1st Prize, International Competition “Generazione e Rigenerazione: tra Conoscenza, Razionalità e Fede”, Faenza, Italy porcelain paperclay white, porcelain paperclay black, plexiglass, golden cotton thread, nylon thread 102x14x10 cm 2011 Mankind is constantly in a state of tension between opposites. His persistent search-obligation to amplify his self understanding, to

Giocando sulle Ossa
(Playing on Bones)

wall panel composed of 45 sheets porcelain paperclay, engobe, colours single sheet 25x25x4 cm, panel 140x250x4 cm 2009 The weaving in white porcelain, like a skin, gives a double master plan: on the one hand, a square lattice obtained from many flaps pushed together; and the other hand, bony